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Specialties: Clipping path, Image Masking, 3D Ghost Mannequin, Image Shadow, Multiple Clipping Path, E commerce Image Editing Service, photo Retouching, Product photo retouching, Photo Restoration, Image resize and optimization service for web page.

Multi-Clipping Path Service

Multi clipping path is the use of multiple paths created by combining multiple clipping paths in an image.This is done perfectly with Photoshop’s Pen tools.Multi-clipping paths can be used to change the color of any image and present it in new colors.The use of multi-clipping paths has increased day by day in various garment sectors, modeling sectors, advertising agencies, online stores, and in various fields.There have different demands on clients who can individually change in image rotation, color level, transform, multiple filling, opacity change, change in image size, and more in multiple clipping paths. We promise you interesting work including gaining value, credibility, and satisfaction with our work. Our skilled team has been working on the multi-clipping paths of hundreds of clients around the world for a long time with satisfaction.

Multi clipping path Service Price:

Multi clipping path Service Easy start from :$ 1.00 USD.

Multi clipping path Service Medium start from: $2.50 USD.

Multi clipping path Service Complex start from : $3.00 TO$ 4.00 USD.

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