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3D Ghost Mannequin Service

The process of completely separating an object from any person or structure is called a 3D ghost mannequin. This is done in a very subtle process through Photoshop. It can be any digital, analog or even any kind of old picture. The main task is to make the object beautiful by completely separating the desired object from the photo. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to make a 3D mannequin of any photo. For a long time, our company has been providing 3D Ghost Mannequin service for use in various garments companies, jewelry stores, photo studios, Media Sector, various publications in Europe. Our graphic designers have been working on 3D Ghost Mannequin for a long time using various tools in Photoshop in a very beautiful and perfect way. We request you to verify the quality of our work.


3D ghost mannequin Price:

3D ghost mannequin Easy start from :$ 0.75 USD.

3D ghost mannequin Medium start from: $1.00 USD.

3D ghost mannequin Complex start from : $1.50 TO $ 3.00 USD.

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